Youths urged to make farming a business

December 10, 2020

Picture : Youths participating during the Farm Management Training

Youths of Naitutu village were challenged to expand and discover their potentials through farming.

The Permanent Secretary for Agriculture, Mr. Ritesh Dass issued the challenge to the 63 members of the Naitutu Transformation Youth group during the Farm Management training in Naitutu village on Monday (07.12.20).

“This training conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture will broaden your knowledge on the different aspects of farming.

“It is true that farming is a traditional practice that you grew up with, but this is another step to building your passion for farming and turn it into as a business,” he said.

He encouraged the youth group to work together to be able to access assistance.

“Working in a group requires dedication, commitment and working together is the key and the onus is on each individual to play your roles for the betterment of the group,” said Mr. Dass.

The Permanent Secretary told the youths that communication was also important to sustainable agriculture practices and the preservation of resources.

He also urged them to always work towards their targets and three-yearly plans.

“This initiative is the change that is required in youths, you will go through some challenges and hardships but stay focused, that’s key.”

“You still have a year ahead of you therefore invest in something that will provide for your future, eliminate poverty and elevate the standard of living here in Naitutu,” he said.

Moreover, they were encouraged to treat farming as a business, develop idle land for sustainability and to get into the habit of Sustainable Land Management practices.

“Broaden your choices to a new level and expand your farming to commercialization, you can start small and grow over the years,” said PSA.

Mr. Dass said it was also essential to keep a farm record.

A youth participant, Eroni Turagasau said farming was the only means of income that a young farmer like him could rely on.

“Most of us are school drop-outs and we cannot rely on anything else but the land for our future, we have the resources and that is what we will utilize to improve Naitutu as well as each individual group member,” he said.

The Farm Management training with the assistance from the Research, Livestock and Extension Divisions of the Ministry was conducted as a lead up to the launching of the Rural Millionaire Concept for the Naitutu Transformation Group later that week.