Ra women empowered through Floriculture

November 19, 2020

Picture : Picture of Woman from Ra province

Twenty-three women of the Ra Province through the Women in Agriculture program attended a three-day empowering workshop last week.

Ministry of Agriculture Permanent Secretary, Mr Ritesh Dass said rural women played a pivotal role in society and training was essential.

“Women of Ra and women in general are leading agents to the development of families and are engaged in various agricultural activities including marketing,” he said.

“The Ministry of Agriculture stands to support and develop the potential of women in the rural sector and their contribution towards the sector,” he said.

Mr Dass said the ‘Women Empowerment and Floriculture Training’ was a programme of the Ministry that focused on empowering women. 

He said the training would also further develop the women participants’ knowledge and talent to generate revenue to support their respective families’ livelihood,” he said.

He said, in addition the workshop would also assist in developing Floriculture and florists in the Ra province. 

Training participant, Mrs Sisilia Banuve of Navolau No.1 said the training changed her views on flowers.

Speaking in itaukei, she expressed her gratitude to the Ministry of Agriculture for recognizing areas that needed development especially for women.

She said the women were only aware of the usual agricultural activities that generated income and it was new knowledge to them that flowers could also generate income.

She said the new knowledge from the workshop had also introduced her to other varieties of flowers available.

In addition, Mrs Banuve said the training also taught her how to be creative and come up with different techniques of designs and floral arrangements.

She has always enjoyed planting flowers and the training would now motivate her to plant more.

The three-day training included the women participants visiting the Naitutu Floriculture Women Group in Tailevu to exchange ideas and establish a network.