Weekly Issue

Weekly Issue Issue Month
A Chip Off the Old Block - Ajay : The Master Farmer Sep, 2020
Children's Welfare drives Dad to Revive Dairy Business Sep, 2020
Vijay Prakash - The Milk Man of Waidewara Sep, 2020
Seed Distribution Announced Aug, 2020
Anasa Takes Pride in Farming Aug, 2020
Aca Finds his Link to the Tree of Life Aug, 2020
Sweet Singhs Aug, 2020
Young Tucibi Attests To Potential of Agriculture Jul, 2020
The Cocoa Man of Naveicovatu Jul, 2020
Vuinadi Youth committed to farming Jul, 2020
A Man of Many Visions Jul, 2020
Etuate - The Young Ambitious Farmer Jun, 2020
Watisoni Sovivikula - Truant, Father, Farmer & Mentor Jun, 2020
Vatubuco Youth Live By the Sweat of Their Brow Jun, 2020
Ministry Receives Seeds Under PS4L Project Jun, 2020
More than 36K Seed Packs Distributed May, 2020
To Sow and Reap - Lavenia's Story May, 2020
The Saraswati & Kunwar Farm - Bound in Love May, 2020
Mati - A Woman of Grit May, 2020
Manik's Dairy Farm - Gone in One Fell Swoop May, 2020
Improvement of Farm Genetic Attributes Targeted Apr, 2020
Chand Champions Rice for Self - Sufficiency Apr, 2020
Fiji's Dairy Industry - The Milked Price Mar, 2020
Hidden Paradise Chefs Receive Contemporary Island Cuisine Training Mar, 2020
Chandar - The Home Gardening Champion Feb, 2020
The Serenading Koro Farmer Jan, 2020
Manasa's Mutton Dream Jan, 2020
Drought Early Warning Early Action Workshop conducted by FAO Dec, 2019
It's Dairy for Titilia Nov, 2019
Taveuni Women's Groups Receive VCO Machines Nov, 2019
Pilot Exercise for 2020 Agriculture Census Nov, 2019
Rahul: Young, Successful and Growing Oct, 2019
Etuate's Kava Journey Oct, 2019
For the love of her Daughter Sept, 2019
Farmers Urged to Utilize Arable Land Sept, 2019
Seruwaia's Dedication a Testament of Strength Aug, 2019
The Olsen's Fiji Farm Aug, 2019
The Matavesi Farm Aug, 2019
Macuata Women Advance Community through Togetherness in Apiculture Jul, 2019
Publics Encouraged to Provide Homes for Dogs Jun, 2019
Services provided by Research Division Jun, 2019
Minister Reddy Recommends Organic Farming May, 2019
Striving through Cocoa May, 2019
Framework for Agriculture Expansion Critical for Sector Apr, 2019
Fiji and China Sign MoU on Agricultural cooperation Apr, 2019
Aggressive Intervention Geared towards Coconut Industry Mar, 2019
Vetiver Grass Bank Stabilization Project for Naveicovatu Village Mar, 2019
Emphasis on Agriculture Business Reiterated to Farmers and Youths Mar, 2019
Ministry releases Genetically Improved F1 Sheep Cross Breed to Farmers Feb, 2019
Animal Health and Wealth during Natural Disasters Jan, 2019
Ministry to Run Pilot Program on Pesticide Screening Jan, 2019