Duty Concession Form for Imported Agriculture Items Goes Online

August 13, 2021

The duty exemption of agricultural implements continue to play an important role on agriculture development in Fiji through provision of support for importation of much needed farming tools to farmers and stakeholders. The Ministry of Agriculture through the AgTrade unit coordinates provision of duty exemption support letters for each interested stakeholders. These includes assignment of duty concessions on agricultural materials, equipments for processing, production and packaging (specialized machineries) and agricultural inputs – seeds, feed and meals, vaccines, live animals, plants and part thereof.

The Ministry through Cabinet approval is mandated under section 11 of the 1986 Customs Tariff Act and its appending amendments and addendum under promulgation January 2009 ‘to support the application of Duty concession to goods imported for agricultural development purposes’.

This process has always been conducted by the Ministry throughout the years on manual basis and in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness of this activity, AgTrade team will be for the first time introduce an online application system for duty concession support.

As of Friday 13 August, 2021, all importers of Agriculture equipments or implements can now apply for duty concession support online via the link provided below:


For interested applicants, please note the following and fill in the form:

1)      Company/Applicant Name

2)      Company Location

3)      Imported Good Description - Type and Quantity

4)      Purpose of the Imported Item

5)      Supplier Details

6)      Country of Origin of the Imported Item

·         Supported documents for evidence:

1)      Copy of Original Invoice

2)      Copy of Original Bill of Landing/Airway Bill

The online application form will require you to create a Google account and this could be easily established through the sign up window on Google.